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DMC code:

About the braid

We wondered if we could adapt the kongoh gumi braid to work with, for example, multiples of 3. The threads work together as 2 sets of 3 pairs, and the moves for each set make triangles. The braid itself is looser than the kongoh gumi, and is slightly hollow. I have found that on disk and on marudai, getting consistent tension is important – this is not a very forgiving braid. My first attempt on a marudai didn’t look too bad – apart from a few mistakes, so I confidently started again, and again, and again until eventually I managed to find something that seemed to work consistently.

How to use the designer

Use the colour picker to choose your thread colour. If you use it on the braid, it will be added to your colour list so you can easily choose it again. Click on the thread you want to colour in the braid diagram.

Some braids allow you to change the number of threads. If available, you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the number of threads - active internet connection required.

Examples of this braid can be found in:
  • This braid was derived by ourselves.
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