Move the threads here, to make the braid.

Repeat from step ,
more times

See the braid structure and color the threads here.

DMC code:

Open grid file

Open XML file

Braid 3D

Braid 3D is a kumihimo simulator that allows you to try out new kumihimo braiding patterns and colorings quickly and easily.

  • Move the threads on the disk by dragging the thread blobs.
  • Press the "step done" button after each set of moves that should be done together. Eg maybe you move two threads together.
  • Repeat steps by entering the "from step" and "how many more" numbers, and then press "add".
  • Color the braid model by selecting a color and clicking on the 3D model.

Braid 3D uses complex physical modelling of braids which, together with the 3D graphics, can make it slow to respond. We recommend using a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome on a powerful computer.