Crochet – Zigzag Tapestry

Designed by: Fudge_cat

Crochet blanket pattern; initially created to map out zigzag pattern, then full blanket design completed.

Based on original free pattern by called Comedy Cover.
Start with double crochets in a rectangle, 73dc along two long sides and 3dc along the short sides; I started with 148 chains, then created the rectangle first row, then slip stitched the middle together (I just found this method easier than fitting multiple dcs into my chains – it looked too stretched and hole-y).

Follow pattern as illustrated. Row 2 corners are made of dc,ch2,dc.
Rows 3,4,5 corners are 2dc,ch,2dc.
Row 6 corners are dc,ch2,dc.
More details below.

Zigzag crochet rows: stitch count inside row (white): 101dc including corner by 171dc including corner; corner made of 2dc,ch,2dc.

Ignore grey in chart, exists in chart for stitch count purposes only; crochet only yellow and pink stitches as indicated; purple corners in chart represent dc,ch,dc stitch combo into chain space (or dc,ch2,dc for every fourth row, see below).

First zigzag row, corner is 1dc,ch2,1dc into chain space; next 3 rows corners are 2dc,ch,2dc into the chain space; next row corner is 1dc,ch2,1dc; pattern repeats.

Example: top side second zigzag row ends with 9yellow dc into row 1 stitches then 1pink dc which will be made in the chain space; then purple corner – so 1dc,ch,1dc all in yellow and in chain space; then continue pattern down left side with 1pink dc in chain space to complete the corner, then 9yellow dc made into row 1 stitches.

First zigzag row stitch count is 103dc by 173dc (with corners 1dc,ch2,1dc)
Second row 107dc by 177dc
Third row 111dc by 181dc
Fourth row 115dc by 185dc
Fifth row 117dc by 187dc (with corners 1dc,ch2,1dc)
Sixth row 121dc by 191dc
Seventh row 125dc by 195dc
Last zigzag row 129dc by 199dc
Next row (blue in chart) 131dc by 201dc (with corners 1dc,ch2,1dc)
web page chart
PDF chart

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