8 thread shippou

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About the braid

This is a very popular braid with us, the alternating holes make an attractive structure. This type of structure seems to be known as Shippou (Japanese for seven treasures, or cloisonne) or Shippo (Japanese for tail) most often.

Watch out for the repeats when following this pattern, you need them to make the sides of the holes the right length.

On the marudai, the tension in this braid works out ok if you follow the repeats as directed, you don’t need to alternate sides to keep it correct.

You can change the number of repeats. An odd number of repeats gives a similar effect with different gaps. An even number will change the design.

How to use the designer

Use the colour picker to choose your thread colour. If you use it on the braid, it will be added to your colour list so you can easily choose it again. Click on the thread you want to colour in the braid diagram.

Some braids allow you to change the number of threads. If available, you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the number of threads - active internet connection required.

Examples of this braid can be found in:
  • Creative Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey (braid 8C)
  • Comprehensive Treatise of Braids (vol 1 - marudai) by Makiko Tada (braid 23)
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7 thoughts on “8 thread shippou

  1. The illustration is incomplete. After doing the left side you do the right side AND
    then you need to some diagonal exchanges. This is all shown in the video.. but if
    you want a printed copy of the instructions this page is not enough to make the braid.

    • There are no thread movements in the video that aren’t shown on the disk instructions. Please would you clarify what you think is missing?

  2. This is a great braid and the instructions are complete. I have made many bracelets and necklaces using these directions. I make mine on a square using the disk instructions.

  3. Hi Dave

    I have come across a flat 16 thread version – this splits into 4 separate braids. I know this is in Makiko Tada’s Comprehensive Treatise of Braids vol 1 (marudai), and may be elsewhere. I made a square 16 thread structure, which I shall look at putting on the site.

  4. Hi, where can i find directions on how to make this type of braid? I can pick the colors i want to see how it will look but i cannot find directions. I like it a lot with the holes in between. If you would help. Thanks.

    • Hi Frank
      Sorry I missed this in the huge number of spam comments we get. The instructions are available using the marudai/disk buttons just above the designer.

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