6 x 3 Kongoh Gumi

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About the braid

This 18 thread round braid uses the Kongoh Gumi braiding sequence that are used to make the braids in our original Kumihimo tool. This time we’re moving up to 3 threads per group, which we couldn’t do with the other tool.

The Kongoh Gumi braiding pattern has pairs of threads from opposing groups crossing to the other side, then continuing round to the next pair of groups, so the braid shape is determined by the numbers of threads in each group.

How to use the designer

Use the colour picker to choose your thread colour. If you use it on the braid, it will be added to your colour list so you can easily choose it again. Click on the thread you want to colour in the braid diagram.

Some braids allow you to change the number of threads. If available, you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the number of threads - active internet connection required.

Examples of this braid can be found in:
  • This braid was derived by ourselves.
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2 thoughts on “6 x 3 Kongoh Gumi

  1. This is one of the greatest interactive websites I’ve come across.
    I am just beginning at Kumihimo. I had no idea what the strategy was for creating braid patterns, and not much of an idea how to figure it out. I was resigned to spending hours setting up various discs and working enough turns to discover results. Then the proprietor of BraidersHand sent me this link. I’ve done a couple braids now, and quite frankly I still don’t understand the strategy. But, I have some great and intricate designs, thanks to this site.
    It must have taken a lot of work, creating the system which allows testing of not only standard braiding patterns, but also custom group sizes. Thank you very, very much for gifting this incredibly useful tool to internet users.

  2. I include the url to this site every time I teach a beginners kumi class so the students can enjoy the discovery process more quickly and joyfully. We all love being able to preview our designs and color selections before we purchase supplies or start the braid. Thank you!

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